Sunday 25 March 2012

Motorhome rear section taking place !!!!

Motorhome Project
Preparing to cut out some more rust

Well the whole Family has been abit crook this week, but i still managed to slip in a few of hours in this week end to work on the motorhome. It's quite amazing how much you can get done in only
Motorhome Project
Some new framing in
Motorhome Project
The side rear gone
four hours, mind you the wife is still sick. So i had to con our 13 year old into baby sitting his youngest sister, hmmm this gave me some kid free time. I started with some more rust removal around the radiator air vent area, once i had the piece out I could then tack in the pre fabricated frame section I had already made. I only used a grinder with a cutting disc to attack this section as the thickness isn't that thick and was easy to get to, not like the rear section that was easier with the gas axe. Like I said i have only tacked all this frame work together, this way i can go through and weld it all up once I'm happy with all the frame work, plus i only have a arc welder at the moment and would prefer to weld her up with a mig welder, a much neater weld (so if you have a mig welder for sale then please contact me). Once i had tacked in the pre fabricated section I then tacked some bracing into place, as there will be no window directly in this area. As you can see in the picture, we did a dummy fitting
Rv project
Temp fitting of first window
Motorhome Project
Piece by piece
of the bedroom/bathroom window, the section behind/next to that window will be panelled off and a LCD monitor will be mounted on the inside of the motorhome for the convenience of television in bed, then the full width wardrobe along the back, well eventually. Some structure bracing also tacked into place and then the rear apron dummied back in place to make sure things are all lining up nicely, sure are. The next part to attack is above the wheel arch, cut the rusted section out and I already have a pre fabricated section that I've made to fit straight into place, then the entrance door to fabricate. But until then, We will be back soon.
Rv Motorhome Project
Fitted some bracing
Rv Motorhome Project
Starting to look good again

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