Sunday 1 April 2012

Rust Removal !!!

Rust removal
Rusted section, whole underside is hollow !!
Another couple of hours on our project doing some more rust removal. We had already pre-fabricated the 50x50 shs to replace the rusted section o
ver the wheel arch area
Pretty rusted !!!
,which in the picture you can see how rusted the section was, it was pretty hollow. So was just a matter of doing some measuring and marking, and then out with the five inch grinder with of course a cutting disc on it, with some final grinding to get the new bit to fit. It was then time to clamp it together and tack it all, with the little arc welder we have, we will do the final welding with a gas /gasless mig welder. Before we weld it all together we will spray some rust converter inside the frame work as a extra preventative against future rust problems, we intend on having the motor home for quite a long time so we definitely don't want to be stripping  it again.
Rust repairs - RV
New section tacked into place !!

Well The Easter break is coming up next week , so I'll be getting right into the rear end and hopefully starting on the slide out bed section. Until then.

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