Tuesday 4 December 2012


Well here we are again and we haven't got much done to the Corona Express in the last month, due to life gains, read on and I will explain.
My wife has enrolled into college for a year to obtain her cert lll as a beauty technician, the course runs on Saturdays until the start of next year, which will then commence on Mondays and I should have my Sundays back, as I have been using this day lately as a lazy day with the family. Rachel has always been involved in beauty and was very successful in a previous beauty career within the nutrimetics business, but has always wanted to fulfill her dreams as a beauty technician and business owner. So I wasn't surprised when she aced her first college test, 100%, congratulations honey. However you maybe thinking, whats this got to do with the build, well this is also a part of our long term plan and has been incorporated/designed into our life on the road and also on our trailer plans. Our plan as you would know is to build a lovely motorhome but we will also require a tri axle enclosed trailer, which will hold a Suzuki jimi or alike, and our small tinny on top of the jimi or maybe even on top of the trailer depending on design. The idea is to be able to drive the jimi out and then the trailer will transform into a mobile beauty salon, where the wife will be offering all the features of a modern beauty shop, i'm sure the wife will make a fairly decent income along the way. But for now Rachel will be opening and operating a beauty shop from home, so if you live near by why not contact her in regards to your beauty needs or maybe she can use you as a model for more experience. Well with four kids at home on Saturdays and working a full time job as a service manager, I haven't had to much time up my sleeves and on top of this I will also be attending tafe during next year as I have had the opportunity to also gain my cert III as a plant mechanic. Lucky it wont take me the full four years as I have been able to present prior knowledge/learning recognition, I have already wiped out 10 blocks out of 25 by sitting some tests. But will be able to sit some practical tests next year to try and pass some more of those 15 blocks that are left, looking forward to it. With saying all this, I do know next year is going to be a really busy one,  with both my wife and I attending tafe/college and also a fulltime job, kids, home duties, etc. We are glad that our long term goals are moving forward and this is definitely our motivation for the Corona Express,  unfortunately next year may be a slow one on the project but I'm still planning to have the bus fully sheeted, floor in and painted by this time next year as I will have my Sunday mornings back on the project. As you may of noticed in the pictures that I have also removed a section of frame work, yeah thats right, that is another hole for another slide out, this one will be the kitchen area. We thought hell, if your going to go this far you might as well make the most of it and have that little bit more room and comfort while living on the road. So in total, we will have three slide outs, the bed, lounge area and now also the kitchen. We hope to share our story on more of a regular basis as we have been busy designing the look that we want and we have thrown in some luxury ideas in too, but for now you will have to wait for our next write up on that agenda. Travel safe and enjoy the christmas break. Corona Express.

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