Tuesday 2 October 2012


We have been making some progress on the Corona Express, as you can tell via some of our pictures. How ever we have a very long way to go, but I'm sure you are getting the idea that this is a dream that is going to happen and not just another fall out dream that you hear about quite alot. I have nearly finished all the frame work on the passengers side, it's only tacked in at the moment though and lucky that's my approach, because I'm not happy with where I've positioned the front side window, just abit to high and needs to drop down to the front windscreen level.

So, it's easily done by cutting a couple of tacks and dropping the pieces, tack it  together again and she'll be all good to weld up. Should look heaps better once done. We have place our entrance door just behind the kitchen area, which looks pretty good with the fifty dollar camec door we got from the net, this door is approx nineteen hundred high and was missing the main front door. I managed to come across a caravan repairer that had a shorter door in his factory, that I snatched for another sixty dollars, brought some camec locks etc and modified the door to suit the larger frame. I will post another story on that alone. Their isn't many windows on this side but that's how we pictured her to be, we have a rear  bedroom/bathroom window and then a window in the door. Above the door to the left we have a wind out window to allow any unwanted smells or should I say maybe my cooking, to release through this window as it will be the kitchen area. From here that's it for windows, except for the passengers sliding window which YES needs to be lowered, my first main stupid thing I've done. As you know lots of people raise the roof to gain more height inside, however this is great idea but we didn't want the extra height on the exterior so the floor has been lowered which means we just lose a little in our bin area's. In doing it this way we will also be saving on fuel cost's as the extra height would cost more in the extra drag it would create. Some more frame work went into the side rear before I welded the final welds around that area, with this section ready for some sheeting I used some large plastic sheets that came with our new corner lounge to make stencils of the shapes I needed to cut out. I used duct tape to hold the plastic sheeting into place and then cut out the shape I required, once at this point I transferred the cut out onto the alloy sheet, marking it out with a marker pen. Cut it out with the five inch grinder with some thin cutting disc, I was impressed with the out come, used some sikaflex adhesive and just a couple of pop rivets. Really didn't want to use pop rivets as I've said previously, but it had to be done due to the way the alloy came in rolls, I want to fill them in with sikaflex once the whole sheeting job is done. Now I need to finish off the welding of the entire side before I'm able to sheet the rest, test fit the windows, door etc and then I'll be able to prep the entire side for primer, hmmmm I love this side of the body work. How ever once this side is nearing the final stages I'll be getting right into the drivers side which will be having two slide outs. Well for now I'll leave it at that and hope you enjoyed the catch up, please don't hesitate to add your coments or ideas, Till then Safe travels.

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